About Lynk Telecom

Lynk Telecom is a facility-based licensed carrier headquartered in McLean, VA  . Lynk Telecom’s mission is to be considered the industry leader in both customer support and flexible telecommunication solutions. Our culture was built around this mission and continues to guide us in how we operate the company. At Lynk Telecom, figuring out how we are going to meet and exceed our customers expectations is what drives our behavior. We believe these efforts are what establish long term relationships with our customers and allow these relationships to evolve into partnerships.

Our extensive customer support system combines the best of automated workflow and portal capabilities with high touch personalized service from our 75 person support team. End users, or partners acting on behalf of end users, may contact us through our portal or via a phone call and will receive the same prompt, courteous service with any issue on any carrier for which Lynk Telecom is providing telecommunications services. Lynk Telecom’s team has instant visibility into every customer’s account, and can contact and escalate issues with any provider on behalf of our customers while delivering consistent updates regarding the status of trouble tickets, or other requests. These updates may be delivered via the portal, by email, or by phone based on the customer’s preference.

Our mission and culture combined with our buying power and automation has given us the ability to build products that possess the highest levels of quality, cost effectiveness, and customization.

Simply stated, this is what we strive towards every day: