Wireless Optimization

Reduce your wireless telecom and IT costs by optimizing and implementing easy to use controls for your wireless voice, data and equipment standards through our Wireless Expense Management solutions.

Wireless Optimization

Bluetone provides Wireless Optimization Services through our proprietary software application for all managed devices, plans and carriers.

Optimization requires on-line access to your carrier invoices in order to allow efficient electronic import of your data into Bluetone’s software application.

Bluetone will proactively add, change or modify usage plans to ensure maximum efficiency for your wireless spend.

Our team will manage the process by reviewing your bills, identifying savings opportunities, contacting your carrier to have changes implemented and reporting to you the activity and savings.

Value Report

We provide you with monthly reporting which summarizes the savings we proactively implemented, as well as, optional opportunities we have identified for you to consider.


Optimization Services Include

Modeling of each user’s usage (cellular, messaging, data, international and ancillary rate plans) including analysis for inactive accounts.

Evaluation of optimal pooling scenarios through regression analysis.

Mapping of users to the myriad of plans available within the current carrier rate plan database.

Optional evaluation of cost savings available if services are migrated to a competing carrier.

Evaluation of trending impact.

Pooling/sharing among devices within corporate plans.

Audit a three month period to adjust for local fees, surcharges, and taxes, analyze applications and usage patterns to ensure compliance with your wireless policies.

Bluetone will implement accepted recommendations with your carriers to effect changes, and track such changes with the responsible carrier.

Bluetone will audit each user account for anomalies in usage amount and pattern, as well as, for new application costs to help ensure cost effectiveness and compliance with your wireless policies.

Continuous Communication

We utilize the Bluetone Portal and Value Report to ensure that actions are taken to optimize your wireless environment with the desired amount of involvement from your primary contacts.

Bluetone Wireless Optimization Services are offered on either a contingency basis or on a monthly per device fee under management.


Our Approach

Combines a sophisticated software application with a team of expert analysts to maximize your savings.

Sequences the data through a number of iterations and filters to reach optimal client levels.

Leverages advanced statistical modeling techniques including regression testing, multivariate analysis and Bayesian probability modeling to optimize your portfolio.

Achieves optimal results in a given month only after N+1 iterations does not yield any additional savings.

What We Do

Save you money. 28.5% on average.

Work for you. It doesn’t matter who your wireless provider is… we are carrier agnostic.

Deliver results. Results are validated by monthly reporting, by device, with drill down capabilities to view and validate cellular voice, data and messaging plan recommendations and optimization savings versus baseline charges.

What We Don’t Do

Move you to another contract. You stay with your existing provider.

Switch your devices or phone numbers. You continue to use your existing devices and numbers.

Change how and when you and your employees use your mobile devices. We don’t ask you to change your behavior whatsoever.

How To Start Saving Today…It’s Easy

Just complete the simple Statement of Work and Service Agreement and you’re off and running.